Ledeen Hangen
Remax Coastal Homes

We would like to help you with your search.  I have attached 3 items,
one with questions that I hope you can send back to me with your thoughts and ideas to help me with your search
two is a list of items you will need to supply me, in order to complete your rental package
three is an application to rent that will need to be filled out completely, initialed on the front page and signed in two spots on the back.
Once I receive your answers to item one, I can set you up on a custom search for you to view potential properties. Once you identified what you would like to see, we can set a showing appointment.
Once you have located the perfect property, The following steps are what comes next.

  • I submit the application and complete package
  • the listing agent reviews it and calls on your references and employment as well as any other calls they might want to make.
  • the listing agent then would present your package along with any others to the landlord.
  • a decision would be made on the best tenant
  • a contract would be written up and reviewed with the landlord
  • the contract would be sent to me for review
  • we would then both go over the contract and sign it
  • you would need to get a cashiers check for the security deposit, cleaning deposit, key deposit and if needed at that time, the first months rent and this would be sent to the listing agent.
  • the listing agent would review the signed contract and the agent and landlord sign it.
  • once the contract and disclosures are signed and all funds are given to landlord, the property will be taken off the market.
  • several days before you move, you will receive an email from us and "Updater" it is a program that will help with all the phone numbers needed to transfer utilities, as well as an easy way to have your address changed at the post office, contact for cable and a notification that you can post on face book or email to friends about your move and new location.
  • You will need to transfer all the utilities into your name (unless contract states otherwise)
  • On the move in day, my team will be there to give you the keys to the property 
  • there will be a move in move out form to be filled out, in regards to the condition of the property, that way, when you move out, it should be in the same condition or better, if not, your security deposit is at risk.  Take photos of items that may concern you at the end of the lease.

Please contact us at the number below, via text or phone or email us.  W look forward to working with you.
The process seems quite lengthy and too detailed for most but, in California, there are certain documents and processes that you must go through.  Every tenant that is 18 years or older must fill out an application to rent and supply items from a list that is attached.


Questions to help me with your rental search

Application to rent

Items needed for a rental package